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The Opportunity: Content-Rich Websites Make $$$!

The Problem: Youre Not a Writer or You Hate Writing


Now You Build High-Content Websites -- Even If You Hate to Write!

Ill show you step-by-step how you can use my new, remarkable tool to gather keyword-rich articles, analyze their densities,

and build separate web pages for each articles collected.

Of course, you want content-rich websites. Youve heard the storiesthis guy makes $2,500 a week from his sites, another guy

makes $3,000 But youve tried so many times to write content yourself, or youve outsourced it and gotten back broken English,

that you dont know who or what to believe anymore. You just want to get those keyword-rich articles than anything else, and

you should!

Thats where I come in. I want to tell you about my new software Article Site Builder.

See if this sounds familiar:

Don had a mountain biking website. The first week, he put up 20 keyword-rich articles. The second week, he could only think

of 10 new topics. By the fourth week, he was out of articles and his site was stagnant. It was just too much work to try to

get keyword-rich content.

Then he met me, and I introduced him to Article Site Builder.

After using Article Site Builder, Don had this to report:

"It was totally awesome! Within minutes, Article Site Builder brought back, like, two thousand articles full of great

keywords. Then it ran the numbers on keyword density for me and built a webpage for every article! Now Ive got TONS of

traffic and Im making mega-bucks off my adsthank you!"

Yes, thats all it took!

And it can work for you too

I know, because it has worked for hundreds of site-builders just like you. However, I dont expect you to believe me until you

see even more proof.

Dont just take my word for it check out these real-life examples:

From Martin Wilder of Chicago, Illinois:
Id spent so much money on confusing tools that I was skeptical at first. But then I decided to try one last thing, and

fortunately it was Article Site Builder. Was so easy to use, my 5-yr old could have done it. Found the right articles, did

the right stuffWOW! Im SO glad I didnt give up! Article Site Builder ROCKS!

From C.J. Case of San Diego, California:
I hate to write, I really hate it. So when Article Site Builder came along, I jumped on it. I LOVE IT! My only thing I

regret is I didnt find it sooner. Article Site Builder gets results. Its the Bomb!

From Jay Morton of Austin, Texas:
You cant believe how much frustration I went through trying to get good content for my site. Didnt have time to write, and

couldnt hire writers cheap enough to make money. Article Site Builder made my life SO MUCH easier. THANKS!

Here are the three biggest myths about getting content for your Internet marketing web sites:

1. The first one is that you have to be a good writer. Uh-huh. Tell that to my friend Sam. Sam dropped out of 10th grade,

cant spell, and reads at a 4th grade level. But you know what? Sam pulls in $850 a week from his content-rich sites because

he ALWAYS has new content up.

2. The second is that theres no way to get good content without paying big bucks to some hotshot copywriter. Truth is, even

if you DO pay big bucks, youre likely to get broken English because Mr. Hotshot Copywriter couldnt be bothered with a trivial

task like yours, so he off shored it to India.

3. The third is that you can cut and paste articles from other sites and call them yours. The problem is, thats plagiarism.

Its illegal and it can get you sued. Dont do it.

Wouldnt you agree that its crazy to think youll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again?

If I keep touching a hot stove and kept getting burned Id be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I wont get


Thats why you need to try something different

Heres How Article Site Builder Can Help You
Get High-Content Websites Built, Starting Today

You see, Ive just completed the beta-testing on Article Site Builder to make sure it gives you step-by-step results. Its

different than anything other content-building tool youve seen.

Article Site Builder has taken two years to develop.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Incredible

Benefits You Get From Using Article Site Builder:

· Being able to feed the search engines what they love most: keyword-dense content.

· Visitors who keep coming back because the contents always updated.

· A steady stream of fresh, new content.

· An easy way to insert the content into a template.

· The ability to find content for hot new topics that you select.

· The ability to optimize your site so you rank very highly with the search engines.

· The ability to add content pages to your site without knowing a thing about html!

· A dramatic increase in the value of your sites.

· The ability to find relevant contentFAST!

Okay, So Whats The Cost For This Incredible Tool?

Let's do a quick comparison - last time I checked, Doorway Ninja would set you back $247 dollars. Or you could pay $349 for

Content Generator Engine.

The other option is for you to shell out $600or more buying up all kinds of expensive DVDs and books that will most likely sit

on your shelf gathering dust.

Frankly, none of these options really seemed fair to me. So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain.

This sensational tool, Article Site Builder, is available to you as an instant download, direct from the Internet.

This way I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone. This way

I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win. But don't worry, downloading Article Site Builder is a real

snap. My non-geek friend P.J., tried it, and he had no problem. (It works perfectly with both MAC or PC computers.)

You just install the .PHP scripts on your website and set up the database and your good to go!

This is a tool that lets you:

+ Use an easy template to get everything set up
+ Pick your own topics and where youll get content from
+ Gather as many as 1,100 articles
+ Turn the articles you pick into web pages
+ Publish those pages on your site

Now because you will be downloading everything online, Im not going to charge you anywhere near the amount youd pay for a

single DVD copy goes for in a store. In fact, your total investment for the entire Article Site Builder tool is just $197.

Thats right, you heard mejust $197!

My accountant wanted me to charge $300 for this tool to cover all my expenses, but I convinced her that it was more important

to get it out there and get people talking about it, so this special price of $197 will most likely only be available for a

limited time.


But waittheres more!

Can Article Site Builder really and truly help you develop content-rich sites?

Yes- It absolutely can!

But the only way to find out for sure is to try out everything in my program entirely at my risk. Article Site Builder comes

with a 100 no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. I personally guarantee that youve never heard anything like it. If you

arent getting fresh, new content on your site every week within 30 days after downloading the took, simply email us and we'll

cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep everything.

There is absolutely no way that you can lose except by not taking me up on risk-free examination of Article Site Builder
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