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Million Dollar Deals With MRR

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Million Dollar Deals.
Discover How You Too Can Launch Your Products To Millions Of Hungry Customers Through The Power Of Joint Ventures
(Done Correctly)

Just Look At What Youll Learn...

* How To Find Real JV Prospects. We all know that a couple of simple ads here and there to large, well built, targeted lists can shove thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars into your pocket per mailing. Well show you step by step, exactly how we go about securing no less than twenty of these large scale joint ventures every single time we launch a product with very little effort, whilst others having trouble securing even one.

* An Almost Endless Supply of Prospects. Overcome the hassles and ethical issues of having to cold call and drop in on prospects unannounced, only to be told they dont want to hear from you. Theres a little known back door that were sneaking through as you read this, pulling in scores of immensely profitable joint venture deals whilst the majority fight over the same 20 people.

* The one and only way to quickly get in on the ground floor with big joint ventures, even if its your first day in online marketing. You may think you have nothing to offer in return for the circulation of your ad to tens of thousands of targeted buyers. Youd be wrong. Thankfully for us, only a few know of this powerful method, leaving you plenty of space to get in on this before the crowds flock to it.

* 12 Mistakes Of The Joint Venture Newbie. Ill show you the exact reasons that joint venture newbies get denied over and over again, when they could quite easily be circulating their products to many thousands, if only they knew what our decade + of experience tells us they were doing wrong.

* How to know before approaching anyone whether or not theyre going to accept your offer. Dont waste your time by approaching people that have no interest in your deal. We have devised 7 easy to replicate methods over the years that will allow you to judge immediately whether your prospect is going to accept you or not.

* How to build and use a powerful information network. The future is always bright for your business profits when you have a group of thirty or forty people with these valuable lists ready to promote for you on the launch of each of your products. Whats more, theyre easy to find. Well show you exactly where. (Best of all this only takes ten minutes to do). Imagine the profits at having that type of promotion power at your disposal. Its all yours, right here.

* 5 ways to increase your acceptance rates by 85. Tailor your deal to your joint venture prospect and start seeing your ad sent to more of these hugely profitable targeted lists every single time you launch a new product. Its easy to hit the magic 85 mark if you have the right information. Well show you how to get it for free in a mere three minutes of your valuable time.

* Learn to spot what your potential jv partner wants from your deal before you even meet. Imagine being able to present your prospect with everything they wanted as soon as you make first contact. Your response rates and acceptance rates will go through the roof, not to mention theyll start talking about you to their contacts, and we all know how powerful word of mouth is.

* 2 techniques to ensure that the joint ventures you make today, will be open to you every single time you launch a new product. Imagine succeeding in gaining just five separate joint ventures, each list containing 20,000+ hungry customers ready to buy your products. Thats a real money maker, but it gets unimaginably profitable when you add another five of these lists every single time you launch a new product. Were doing that right now, as you read this, and well show you how.

* Learn the whys of Joint Venturing. Its time to stop buying products that only tell you how to do stuff that become useless when everything changes in a few months time. Its a waste of your time and money. This guide however will show you why everything works, benefiting you not just on the first read, but for life; allowing you to adapt to business situations that we all know change very rapidly.

* 2 JV Approach Methods That Almost Guarantee Youll Be Seen. Being noticed instead of thrown in the trash on first contact could mean the difference between 30,000 circulation for the launch of your products, and going home with nothing. Picture the sales of your products if you successfully made just ten of these deals.

* Learn to see how your offer looks from the perspective of your jv target before youve even contacted them. If you know what they want before you contact them, not only are they going to wonder how you managed it, but theyre going to sit up and listen, increasing your chances of an all important sealed deal.

* 5 ways you know if youre going to be accepted before you even make first contact. Most marketers I meet are wasting time trying to complete joint venture deals with specific people at specific times. Are you? Show me the deal, show me the target, and I can tell you within 2 minutes with a 95 rate of accuracy whether youll get a yes, or a no. Ill show you exactly how I do this, and how you can put it to good use too.

* Learn to spot the best moment to send your joint venture prospect an offer. Theres a time and a place for everything. JVs are no exception. Did you know, there are specific signals that you are receiving from your potential prospects that should immediately tell you when the best time to approach them is, maximizing your chances of success. Can you see these signals? If not, Ill point them out to you so that you can start taking advantage of them right away.

* Why youre ruining your chances of acceptance when including your product as part of a JV deal. 9 out of 10 JV offers I receive include products and services that mean nothing to me. This also means instant denial. Ill show you how to avoid this with some quick and smart thinking.

* One sneaky little trick that will get your joint venture prospect talking to their contacts about you, even if they refuse your deal. Think about it. If your prospect has lists or resources reaching into the multiple thousands, its highly likely their contacts will too. Its easy to get your name spread through word of mouth when you know how. Well show you how.

* Full start to finish tried and tested joint venture templates. Proven methods of the successful joint venture. From your introduction and getting noticed, to your follow-up and securing your future and everything in between. Weve done it hundreds of times, and to save you the hassle, the expense and the let downs of trial and error, were going to show you what works, and what doesnt right off the bat.

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